Owner of the Denver Sewing Collective a local organization that brings seamstresses, quilters, crafters – hobbyists and professional – together to promote the art of sewing, community, fashion and knowledge sharing. 

Connect all levels of sewers with professionals in the industry to build skills, encourage personal growth, relationship building and networking.  Create a safe place to ‘bounce’ ideas off of for those thinking of going professional within the fashion, retail or artisan areas.

Heavily promote the local sewing, fashion and craft industry.  Accomplish this through Meet the Designer series, direct yearly independent Fabric Shop Tours, frequent meet ups,  group events, social media platforms and good old fashioned word of mouth. 

Building a growing network of professional designers, manufactures, retail business owners, instructors and artists that members use and recommend to others.  This network includes local Colorado professionals as well as national independent minded businesses related to sewing, crafts and fashion. 

Denver Sewing Collective is utilized by entrepreneurs seeking more advanced areas of manufacturing, design, dressmaking and instruction.

Goals of the Denver Sewing Collective

·        To bring seamstresses at any level out of their solitary confines and into a fun, creative, energetic environment. 

·        To promote the art of sewing and the Individual as Designer.

·        To reach out to those who may find sewing intimidating. 

·        To make local and independently produced garments, crafts etc an accessible    alternative in our mass produced culture. 

·        To expand our Charitable Creating and Sew it Forward programs.

·        To partner with local businesses that have similar mission and ideas.

·        Finally, to establish Denver as a haven for new and upcoming fiber artists,    designers and seamstresses by offering high quality advanced level sewing and  design courses. 

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Areas of Expertise

·        Communications

·        Writing and editing

·        Networking

·        Social media management

·        Low cost advertising/marketing