ex-per-tise -  ek-sper-tez, tes - an expert, synonomus with proficieny, know how , moxie


 I love the writing and creative process. Every writing project I take on has taught me valuable lessons in what it takes to be a better writer. Some of the best lessons I've learned has been from writing web content.

One area that I enjoy working in is the re-write phase. What is rewrite? Have you ever been in a situation were you have been working on a press release, article or a brochure and just get sick of it and wish it would go away or better, write itself?

Kind of like the story of the cobbler's elves I can take a project look at it with a critical and creative eye and soon enough you'll have an finished result you'll be proud of. I enjoy these projects immensley. I love working with teams where there is brainstorming and a lot of creative energy.

I have a great knack for streamlining inefficienies saving time and money.


Expertise and Specialties

Creative and Technical

  • Content writer
  • Beta testing